Tuesday, June 28, 2016


This morning there was a dog, a big brown lab, splashing around in the creek that runs by the hotel.  It was pretty loud actually.  He had a frisbee in his mouth, and his owner was frustratedly following him at a distance, trying to get him to come.  It wasn't happening.  He kept running away, always out of reach.  As I write these words, another family with another big brown lab is walking to the beach via this creek.  This dog just run  through the creek in the same way but stopped to poop.  Everyone let out a "aw man" and stood deciding what to do.  The father of the group looked around, apparently to see if anyone saw who might complain, and they kept going.  Now there's big brown lab turds in the little creek.  Dogs are gross.

Yesterday I ate salmon tacos at $5.50 a pop in Pacific City, the little surfer town 15 min up the road where big trucks get to drive on the beach.  They were tasty.  Not a place I felt like hanging out though so I headed back to Neskowin and headed to this beach, avoiding the way via the creek.  I prefer to walk through the neighborhood with the cute but empty beach houses.  It was cloudy, so I had my jacket on.  I set up a spot with my towel leaning against rocks in view up Proposal Rock, the big one I've yet to figure out how to climb (though my husband and dog did last year).  I started reading Saba, by Jane Kurtz until I got so sleepy that I had to lay on my side, jacket as a pillow on the rocks, and fall asleep.  A nap on the beach is a wonderful thing.

I've been doing a lot of sitting around staring at waves, like a big cliche of what one is supposed to do while alone for two days at the beach.  I've been hoping it would be a 'reset' button for me for living life well.  My faith has been in shambles for well over a year, and one thought that came to me was about how I owe it to the people who raised me in faith to at least read through the Holy Book from start to finish, the way my friend R has done numerous times.  He's now an atheist.

Another thought that came to me while pressing 'reset' is something about how I've always been led and how I'll continue to be led and how our kids will be led too.  It was a deep knowing, I think more than just my own dumb thoughts.  Am I saying I'm tapping into the divine?  Does this make me crazy?  If so, a lot of other folks are as welll, so at least I'm in good company.  It gives me peace at any rate, and this has its value right?

That father with the dog came back and picked up that big brown lab's turd from the creek.  Good for him.

There's a fair amount of noise in this condo, despite there being so few people here.  I found myself needing to go to bed when I noticed the little girl next door having gone to bed since they'd be up earlier than I care to.  She's cute though.  She keeps appearing at the balcony where I am, her little face peering at me saying 'hi' when I notice her.  I'm reading a memoir about a childhood in Prague, and she reminds me of the girl in this book.  I don't mind her little voice even though yesterday she kept yelling "quit it!" over and over.

Embrace all of it.  Throw your arms around your world.  If you believe you're being led, then what's in front of you? Embrace it.  Whatever it is.

Check out isn't for a couple more hours, but I'm going to head out and drive up the coast.  The long road back home.  There are more waves to stare at before heading inland.

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