Monday, February 1, 2016

Love Thyself

A beautiful woman we know from our years in Los Angeles has a 'secret' FB group for women.  She is skinny and very thin.  She posted a video of herself, her "real" self to, I think, jump start a core strengthening video or something.  I'm all for being strong and fit, but the way she lifted her shirt to show her belly pooch and jiggle her ass rubbed me the wrong way.  So after sitting on this for a few hours, I had a glass of savignon blanc and sent this response:
This may very well be Lori Rooney overthinking things in that annoying way she does but Imma express myself anyways.  I went through about five years of being hungry.  My goal every day was to keep the hunger at a manageable twitch in my gut because I knew when I woke up the next morning, my stomach would be flatter, my clothes a little looser.  I was not healthy.

But here's the thing.  I'm now 41 and am 15 pounds heavier than those days.  I now treat my hunger pangs with real nourishment.  My children snuggle in to my soft sides and call it lovely.  

A few nights ago, my kids ran across a picture of me hosting a party at our house in Los Angeles, and my daughter literally gasped at how thin I was.  This was right at the end of the hungry-years.  She expressed how terrible she felt I looked and how thankful she is now for my current body.  My son came to see and echoed her sentiment.

You beautiful mamas out there who have endured pregnancies and childbirths and the pangs of living this magical life, please know: if your body fits within the 'normal' range on the BMI scale at your doctor's office, you are good.  You may be flabby.  Your tummy may jiggle.  You may have some muffin top and prefer to wear some loose tops.  But goddamit, life that life.  LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Your children love your body. They love the acceptance you offer to them day in and day out as you nourish them with food and love.  I am certain your husbands would jump straight into the sack with you with one wink, no matter your BMI range.  Men are like that.  

If you want to make your body leaner to be strong and fit, go for it.  Just make sure you reflect every moment of each workout and turned-down glass of wine or slice of beautiful cake that you are a creation loved by those in your orbit. just as you are.  Honor yourself.  Peace and love.