Monday, November 23, 2015


I just told some church friends at a gathering at our house Tuesday night that I think the term 'family' is thrown around too much these days.  I've been in enough churches to know that just a shared faith doesn't put one, practically, on the level of 'family'.  Family means you get to ask for stuff without fear of it being assumed that repayment may never happen.  A friend of mine I've known since we were 13 always says "call it even" when we're out and paying for each other's stuff.  Who cares.  It's family.

This weekend though we experienced it in some ways.  Some friends with a new baby at home had a stir-crazy two-year-old who came home with me in the afternoon into the evening.  My brother and sister-in-law were at the house too.  I warmed up soup, made a spinach salad while the two-year-old became a part of the family for the evening.  Having her with us was effortless.

The next morning I came downstairs at 8:15 to find my daughter staring out the front window, waiting for her babysitting gig to show up.  She'd been up since 6am in excitement.  The dad brought the baby in still in her carseat, and we moved her to my daughter's room where she peacefully looked around without a sound.  My brother-in-law came upstairs and eventually held the baby while I made pancakes and eggs as the house stirred awake.  I made her a bottle, which my daughter fed to her.  The two of them fell asleep on the couch amidst the noise.  Having the baby with us was effortless.

In time, our nephew showed up eating the leftovers of breakfast, and he held the baby for a while too.

Saturday night, our 'bonus kid', the girl down the street came over while my husband was performing in a play.  They danced in my office with youtube videos.  We made a cranberry Christmas cake even though it's not even Thanksgiving.  We watched a terrible kid movie in the basement while the girls brushed and braided my hair.  We watched movie trailers until 10:30 when my kids walked her home.

Sunday morning I woke up to a text from a friend who is going to the east coast for Thanksgiving and wanted me to dogsit for eight days.  Can't do it because of our cats, but I was still happy that she asked.  These are the sorts of questions that familiy asks.  

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