Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A night in November

The years of beauty, noise, warmth, trial here and there, running to and fro, the years to look back on with wonder that we lived such a thing.

The warmth of this kitchen with its green granite counters I slice Costco pizza on for our church small group who comes over on Tuesday nights.  The neighbor girl, three or four houses down, our "bonus kid" stays for any and all meals, and we are happy to have her. Her voice is raspy and funny and her laughter infectious and true.  She is our kids' bonus sibling.  Before they walked her home at 9:45, they were challenging each other to math problems like nerds.  They had also been giving each other piggy-back rides, falling off for comedy-sake and laughing and farting all at once and then the laughter got louder and so my husband retreated downstairs to his office and came back up half and hour later asking how I stand the noise.

Because in the midst of the noise, I wrote the therapist our update on how the family functioned this week, and I somehow was able to wrap my arms around the noise while also shooing it into the other room.  That's when the math problems started.

And the kitten, almost now fully grown, and the dog have become best friends, chasing and biting each other's faces with wrestles and teases, and we sometimes sit around and just watch them for long delicious minutes.

The kitten now is alone in her person's bed, her person having gone to sleep in the attic with her brother in the carpeted play-area made for them by their dad and their pappy.  They don't use it as often as we wish but tonight on a rainy and cold night, the night before a day off from school, they agree to sleep there, and I'm jealous for the noise the rain must make as they drift to sleep.

These years, these days.

A riddle for my daughter as she left for bed: "How many months have 28 days?"

The answer, she figured out all on her own.

12 months.  All have 28 and some have even more than that.  These months have more than that. These years have more.

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