Thursday, July 30, 2015

So many versions of life

This morning while at work, I got this email from one of our neighbors:

Your wonderful children came over this morning to help with yard work -  yea- they are so fine!
But I realized as I'm back inside that my trousers are completely ripped over my butt so my fanny was probably  on display as I was working outside.  
AND  I showed them my stitches (there is a big bandage over my eye)
 as they were leaving (with fruit leather w/out your ok) they read my note to self: "Don't drink beer when carrying lawn chairs".  (Only two beers and after the Hornsby concert A,A&I were walking to the MAX and I turned around and then it was down and call 911).
Anyway,  feel too much info (esp w/the clothing  failure) so call if any questions.  
It made me laugh.
A couple hours later, all my clients had left, and I was cleaning the tables where we'd eaten lunch.  A coworker of mine (in a different program) was on the phone to Addis Ababa, loudly speaking Somali, her native language.  She hung up and put her head down on the table.  I asked if she was okay, and she told me the news that last Wednesday her 11-year-old brother died.  He was playing soccer, got a stomach-ache, and after bouts of diarrhea, they took him to the emergency room where he died.  Now her stepfather is very sick, and she's trying to talk to her family.
I expressed how sorry I am about this, and she thanked me with a shrug, saying, "This is life." 

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