Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The old blog and Louis C.K.

Tonight I told my kids about my old blog, the one I kept from 2007-2011 chronicling their adoptions into our family.  It was a big moment for me, though probably not for them.  It was a pretty big part of my life for those years, enabling me to process my many emotions regarding adoption along with bringing into my life some of my now closest friends.

I decided to read an entry or two to them which ended up being five or six.  I was appreciative of the hours I spent writing, something my daughter said on her own.  She thanked me for writing those memories down.  One of the posts I read to them was about loss, specifically the emotions surrounding the death of a pet.  I read aloud to them the quote from Louis C.K. about how what we're really doing when we bring a puppy home to the family is saying 'hey look at this cute ball of future sorrow I brought home!'  Both my kids cracked up in genuine laughter, my daughter even having to stop combing my hair in order to cover her whole face and shake in laughter.  It was a great moment.
A nice by-product of reading some posts aloud to them is that they had just been fighting with each other, and I was able to remind them through my old blog of the bond they have, the tender moments they have experienced with each other.  They do feel genuine love for each other, as evidenced in many ways including the way on weekends, they insist on sleeping in the same room, talking into the night as they slowly fall asleep.

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