Monday, March 10, 2014


I woke myself up last night screaming.  I was dreaming that I was fending off a bad guy with two kitchen knives and no one could hear my pleas for help.  When I went back to sleep, I dreamed that my sweet, simple dog was eaten by lions right in front of me.  We had to leave him behind to keep from getting eaten ourselves.   All day today, I was tired out of my mind.

I bribed my children with the promise of artisan donuts after school if they wore their habesha outfits to school for Multicultural Day.  My daughter's teacher and I texted back and forth this morning about the scarf tied around her head as part of the outfit.  She kept it on.  This afternoon we ate donuts.  My son's pants got ripped.

A funny thing about life is that transcendent moments like the one captured below in this photo of my daughter can occur in the midst of such struggle, within hours of my son, while doing his nightly read-aloud needs to pass gas, so I say, "Look, don't get up.  Just fart into the chair."  He does, and then we take a five-second break from reading to laugh.

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