Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Elders

It's the productive coughs, the kind that bring up and rattle through my throat the infection in my chest that hurt the most.  Those are the ones that keep me from falling asleep.

I went to work today anyway, early this morning, getting caught up on the reporting I have to do for our funders, being sure to wipe down with rubbing alcohol everything I touched at my desk since the Ethiopian intern would be sitting there in the afternoon.  One of the elders in my program came in to use the lab, so I got him set up with news from his home country.  When I went back to check on him a few minutes later, he was watching Game of Thrones.  I have no idea how he got there.  The Ethiopian intern and I tried to help him get back to something in his language, but he insisted on staying, shooing us away with a loud "America! America!"  A friend told me later that GoT is extremely 'risque'.  I had no idea.

Tuesday morning, another one of the elders, a west African woman, told me about a new outfit she got over the weekend.  Her three-year-old grandson was watching her try it on and said, "Gramma! You so cue!" (cute).

"I told him, 'Grama gone get jiggy jiggy'."  And then she did a dance and busted out laughing.

 This is why I look forward to going into work, even with painful coughing fits.

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