Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Moment Now

This very moment right now.  Husband and daughter playing cards at the dining room table as with the cardboard cut out of Michael Jackson looking on.  The sound of Italian-ish accordian movie music coming up from the basement as my 19-year-old niece watches a library-obtained copy of Eat, Pray, Love downstairs.  My son already in bed, upstairs rather than in his own bed due to a moment of weakness promise last night at midnight that he could sleep up there tonight.  He had to go to bed earlier than his sister due to a lie told this afternoon about a broom.

The house is clean...ish.  My husband oversaw this yesterday since the delegating of the chores stresses me out too much.  All the (seven!) loads of laundry are put away.  The lunch of Ethiopian-spiced cabbage with chicken apple sausage has been cleaned up.  So has the dinner of boxed mac-and-cheese (organic!) with a can of tuna and some frozen peas thrown in.  It was the regular summertime lunch my sister and I ate as kids whose parents worked full time.  Tonight was the first night I made it for my own kids.  They gobbled up this low-brow food, and I was reminded that sometimes tasty food does not have to be time-consuming. 

Now I sip this low-brow savignon blanc as Julia Roberts speaks Italian in the Eat portion of that horrible movie.  I shouldn't judge since I haven't seen it.  I'm judging based on the horrible book.  Can't bear to watch it.  I love Italy too much.

I space out for a minute, a street in Prague skeedaddling through my consciousness.  My daughter plays solitaire as my husband walks the dog.  My nightly popcorn sounds nice about now.

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