Sunday, September 8, 2013


The film Once came out serendipitously just a few months before we took my father-in-law to Ireland to visit the area his family came from.  He became obsessed with this movie, going so far as to frame the LP cover in his office.  When we walked the Temple Bar area of Dublin a few months later, I pointed out a flower stand similar to the one in the film, and he told everyone thereafter that he saw the actual stand used in the film.

It made sense then that the family spent an afternoon this summer at my husband's studio space watching their dad's favorite movie.  Judge me all you want, but we let our kids watch too.  I figure the strong Dublin and Czech accents kept them from understanding the "inappropriate" language.  At first, my son had a bad attitude about watching it.  He wanted to watch a "kid movie" on the laptop, but I insisted he sit with the family.  On a bathroom break, he admitted that the movie was "really good."

This weekend as I organized our house, I found our copy of the Once soundtrack, given to us by my father-in-law.  My son's reaction to being handed the disc was similar to Christmas morning.  He hugged it.  He did a little jig.  He ran downstairs and put it in the computer to play it on the big speakers.  My kids had been singing "Falling Slowly" for the last couple of weeks, and now they were so excited to get to listen again.

I got a short video this afternoon of my kids sitting at the computer singing their hearts out to their grandfather's favorite soundtrack.  My son loves most the songs where the man is angrily shouting-singing.  He expressed awe at how "great" the singing is.  My daughter asked that "Falling Slowly" be put on her birthday CD and we had a conversation about which song is my favorite and why ("Gold"). 

I hold the CD sleeve in my hands just now and cry.  It was a final thing of beauty passed down to my kids from their grandfather, in the week of his death no less.

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