Friday, September 20, 2013

Falling Slowly Mango Candies

It was the end of a long week, not a bad week but certainly a long one.  There were unexpected work events that had me in long meetings with a phone translator and stuck in downtown traffic.  Not my normal work life.  There was homework to oversee at night which went surprisingly well thanks to amazing teachers.  Through it all, I managed to squeeze in the assembly of a deep dish lasagna and peanut coconut soup as well as the finishing of a book for my book group. 

On Friday afternoon, my son got his flu shot right after school, and my husband and I then told our kids that we had to have quiet time.  We asked them to stay only in the house or the backyard while mom and dad rested.  We both fell asleep within minutes upstairs and woke up forty-five minutes later to a silent house. 

I came downstairs to find a note at the bottom of the stairs from my son.  It said it was his experiment.  It had "I love you" written on it with "mom" on one side and "dad" on the other with arrows pointing to two small bottles of wedding reception bubbles on either side of the paper.  I have no clue what the experiment was, but he seemed excited to show me.

A picture of outer space was left on the computer keyboard for us.  They asked if they could play outside. 

We spent the evening driving through an odd part of town, stopping in for our first trip to the huge Asian supermarket, which we all found to be fascinating.  We bought fortune cookies, mango candies, noodles, red curry paste, etc.  We ate pho and had lessons on using chopsticks.  We stopped by a big box store to redeem a birthday gift card.  We came home with a box of pirate toys and a bow-and-arrow.

We read Snow White at home, and our kids performed the song they worked on while we were napping, "Falling Slowly" from the film Once.  They'd written down the lyrics as best as they could remember them. My son's voice is angelic, pitch-perfect, and he sings from his gut when he feels safe.  I could only smile and fight tears, so proud of these creatures in my house who quietly leave us surprises while we nap on a Friday afternoon and then sing us a very grown-up song before they go to bed.

It's now after 10:30, and they're in their room listening to the soundtrack from Once, trying to really learn the words. 

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