Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Small Moments

Both of my kids have had the same kindergarten teacher, and both years during her writing lessons, she has focused on getting the kids to write about "small moments" that happened to them.  Rather than the default, "I played with my friend after school," she gives them time to think in silence about a small moment.  When they have their moment set in their minds, they keep their heads down but put a thumb up in the air.

Our son has taken a turn for the better in school this last month (so much so that I am very conflicted in my feelings about the year ending...I hate the idea of losing such great momentum that he has going now), so I was amazed today when I watched him focus for at least ten minutes on a 'small moment'.  The teacher had them write a beginning, middle, and end to their moment. 

My son came over to show me his work.  The story goes:

I so a algatr. lisrd.
Next, I got a neklis.
Finally, I wit to the popup kapr.

("I saw an alligator. Lizard.
Next, I got a necklace.
Finally, I went to the pop-up camper.")

It was a story about a walk he took with his dad at the bluegrass festival we went to last month.  As he told me about this story, I got to thinking about the many small moments that make up our lives and how my kids are at the age where things are happening to them that I'll probably never know about, like the moment when he saw the lizard crawl into a sewer at a bluegrass festival.

It was a strange realization.  We think we do so much to form the childhoods of our kids by exposing them to art, music, learning, sport, but what they will probably remember about certain experiences will be something like a lizard crawling into a sewer.  Well, at least when they're five. 

Of course I started thinking about my own small moments of childhood and how so many of them my own parents probably don't know about, mostly because they were unremarkable things not worth bringing up.  But I remember them still.  Small moments. 

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  1. This made me smile. When I took my daughter to China when she was six, one of the first things SHE noticed was that the man hole covers had Chinese writing on them. As an emergent reader, this was stunning to her. As an adult, I would have barely noticed. Enjoy this time. :-)