Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Last night my daughter chided me about how messy my hair is when I go to work.  She asked me to show her how to do flat twists like I do on her hair, so after a brief tutorial, she took off.

 I hadn't yet looked at myself in the mirror when she asked if she could do my hair for work sometime, so I gave her one of my 'maybe's.  After she was in bed, I looked at my hair and discovered this style:

This morning, I decided to let her do my hair for work.  At 8am, I sat down for a call to my boss about a work project, and my daughter climbed up on the back of my chair to do my hair.  As I talked, she stood behind me, carefully and brutally flat-twisting my hair. 

Several people asked me today who did my hair, and I proudly told them that it was my seven-year-old.  It was a little loopy here and there, but certainly better than the mess I apparently go to work in.


  1. pretty. She must have been so proud of herself.

  2. That is awesome-she did a great job and I love that she got to do your hair for work!