Monday, June 24, 2013

Extra Set of Kids

It's ridiculous how much I've let these postings slide.

We have two extra kids with us all week, same ages and genders as ours. Tonight I remembered sleepovers with my friends and cousins when I read the bedtime story.  It was such an incredibly cozy feeling to be sitting on the floor in the middle of my kids' room with two extra kids in sleeping bags on the floor.  We'd brought the basement couch cushions up for them to sleep on as pallets, and the small room was lit with small lamps and small string lights hanging in the window.

I sat on the primary colored alphabet rug and read the story about the crying woman who poured perfume on the feet of Jesus.  It ended with a line about the rule-followers hating Jesus so much they'd kill him.  When I mentioned that this was sad, the eight-year-old in a sleeping bag said, "Yeah, but it's part of his plan."
Her father is a pastor and mother a kindergarten teacher, so she's good at knowing the right answers.

She's so well-behaved and mature that I felt relieved tonight when she laughed her head off at my son saying, "We should watch the Buttcracker ballet!"  Her little brother mumbled, "That's not inappropriate," getting his negatives all jumbled up, and my son laughed, "Yeah, well, it's still funny."

The little brother has a demeanor that screams "tough guy" even though he's a cherub with long curly hair and dimples.  A few times tonight, he sauntered into me for a snuggle or took my hand.  He's still so small.  While watching 101 Dalmations with the other three laughing, he passed out asleep and needed me to carry him upstairs.  He woke up briefly on our way up but laid his head back down, and the feel of those curls on my face, heavy and soft body in my arms, reminded me so much of my own son. 

It's only day one, but today has been lovely.

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