Monday, May 6, 2013

Warm nights

It's unseasonably warm right now, so last night at 9pm, long enough for my husband and I to settle ourselves deep into conversation on the front porch with a bottle of chilled wine, one child came downstairs and stuck her head out the window followed by the other five minutes later.  They claimed to be too hot to sleep.  Both had stripped down to underwear and made room for each other to sit knees up next to each other in one of the windows. 

I sat on the porch swing in the dark, my husband in the rocking chair, both kids in the window.  It had just gotten completely dark and bugs were starting to swarm.  They stayed for fifteen minutes or so listening quietly to the night, stolen moments on a school night.

This morning when I woke them up, the first thing my daughter said was, "Mom...Dad didn't go..." and she made arms-swinging-back-and-forth motion.  She was disappointed that she hadn't been woken up for an early morning run.  She might be the only seven-year-old I've known who is sad about not getting to exercise before sunrise. 

Our son took much longer to get out of bed (as usual).  His reaction to my raised voice (after ten minutes) was, "Me dreaming about at-at walkers! Can't get up!" 

This last month of school is not going to be easy.

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