Monday, May 27, 2013

The Wiz

One of my graduate school professors had a theory that any average, mainstream American will encounter at least one reference to The Wizard of Oz per day, so he kept a little spiral notebook in his back pocket at all times to tally each one he encountered.  This weekend, we led our kids down the yellow brick road.

We had already shown them clips from the movie and The Wiz, which our son was excited about since Michael Jackson is the Scarecrow.  Friday night, we found The Wiz on netflix and watched the whole thing.  I saw it when I was maybe five or six and found parts of it to be pretty scary.  Our kids seemed to be fine with it.

Since it was rainy today, we went to my husband's studio around lunch-time to let our kids watch from start to finish The Wizard of Oz.  Our daughter cried when Dorothy saw Auntie Em calling out for her in the crystal ball.  I hope it wasn't a mistake to show these two movies to our kids.  One of the funnest things about them getting to the age they are is the chance to introduce cultural icons to them.

All afternoon and evening, they sang "Ding dong the witch is dead," spreading the tune to a friend down the street who also sang it during her dinner. 

Don't you carry nothing that will be a load. You got to ease on down, ease on down the road.

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  1. I was just thinking a day or two ago how *The Wizard of Oz* is one of the most symbolically useful works out there (the movie even more than the book). It fits so many situations. And yet it doesn't, within itself, make much sense.

    The other two you might encounter each day is *Star Wars* and *2001*.