Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Monday

We're not sure if it's spring fever or the student teacher having run of the class, but our son's behavior took a turn for the worse a couple weeks ago.  He was getting his name on the board every day, sometimes with checks.  It's mostly been for squirreliness, such as playing in line, then falling on the floor, and rather than getting up and walking, deciding it would be hilarious and fun to crawl down the hallway.  That sort of thing. The driving force in our son's life is fun, and he looks for it in all circumstances.

Every time he came home with a bad report from school, we've given him a special job at home such as cleaning the stairs, scrubbing the tub, or windexing the windows.  To help him at school, we've reminded him that the best way of staying out of trouble is to, "Keep hands to yourself and look at the teacher." 

Something good happened today.  It started with my asking him to leave his sweater on all day, the sweater he doesn't like.  I never spend more than $5 on hooded fleeces for him because he inevitably loses them.  The latest, his favorite that I got for $1 from a consignment store last summer, got lost last week; hence, the sweater today that he doesn't like.

When he came out of school at 3pm, two things happened at once: his teacher gave me a thumbs-up for the day he'd had, and he still had his sweater on, even though the afternoon had become warm.  It felt like such a relief that he could follow directions, something that needed to be rewarded.

His sister was off to play at a friend's house, so he and I started by stopping by his old preschool to pick up something I'd won in a raffle and to visit with his old teacher.  It was so fun to watch him reminisce as we made our way into the classroom.  He kept pointing out all the things he remembered, and he acted so grown-up and shy around his old teacher.  He did give the perfect answer to his hippie-dippy granola teacher when asked what he's learning in school: "How to take care of the earth."  She was thrilled.

From there we went to a very old-school (and not very good) bakery his preschool did a tour of last year.  He picked a chocolate cupcake with a Tom&Jerry plastic ring on the top and never ate a bite of it, saying to me, "Mom, I like it so much I don't want to eat it."  He put on the ring and put the cupcake in a box to take home.  It's still in our fridge. 

We then stopped by the grocery store for a couple things, and he carried the basket for me until it got too heavy with popcorn and cans of evaporated milk. 

I love my kid so much and felt so proud of who he is becoming.

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