Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Late Start

My son had a dream last night that "rocket people" landed on the patio furniture in our back yard and started coming after him and his dad.  His sister and I were on a trip somewhere and not in trouble like him. This morning, he crawled into bed with me and whispered this dream.  His face was still contorted from the trauma of it. 

We didn't have to be at the school until two hours later than usual, a monthly 'late start' our district has.  These mornings have become a favorite thing of mine this school year.  We are all night owls in our house so the morning rush to get out the door is my least favorite part of each day.  Even our early-bird daughter has adapted to our ways and is currently still awake reading her Junie B. Jones book and picking a scab on her face.  I just put a band-aid on it.  9:30pm.

There is something exquisite about being able to lay in bed on a Wednesday morning.  My kids played in my bed while I made coffee.  They colored together in a Peter Pan coloring book as the coffee brewed.  I heard one of them say, "Isn't mom a good colorer?  It's like she's an artist."  As the coffee hit my system, I made eggs-on-a-raft for breakfast, along with thin slices of the leftover rhubarb pie.  They got ready for school and watched ten minutes of a Mister Rogers episode before leaving. 

All this on a morning in the middle of the week, to be fully rested and fully caffeinated. 

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