Monday, April 15, 2013


The forecast said rain so it's been an unexpectedly beautiful day in Oregon.

A new friend has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and wrote me at 1:00 am last night that she was awake very scared.  Today she had to tell her boss, coworkers, daughter.

I sat this morning alone at home before my second orthopedic doctor visit post-broken arm and wrote a post-placement report on one of our children. There is a small chance we could make connection as soon as next week with a first family, and the weight of this is...heavy.

The news out of Boston. A friend was there today in the crowd to cheer on her sister.  When I saw on fb that she was okay, I cried.

A parent at my kids' school told me today about a service she went to this weekend to memorialize a nine-year-old girl who died of lymphoma, having battled it since age four.

A church in the area that is dear to us is going through a confusing shift (at least to us), and the burden weighs.

On Friday night, I fell asleep crying as I thought about the reunion of my favorite Christian writer with my favorite Christian songwriter.  The former passed on out of this life Friday.

A man in my program at work who I've been trying for three years to get into an employment program made a mistake that cost him his spot.  A job had already been lined up for him that was a perfect fit.  On Friday when the case manager called me with the news, I was heart broken and angry.

A single mother sat in the lobby of my work site today holding her 3-month-old girl.  She was there seeking energy assistance.  An African refugee with a shut-off notice and an infant.  I leaned in close to engage the baby who ended up cooing at me for a while.  They smelled like cooking.

My kids read Frog and Toad out loud tonight after working on homework.

It rained at sunset, and everyone was instagramming shots of the rainbows.

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