Friday, March 1, 2013

Purple Notebook

Brooke Shields sent me and a couple of others to get a purple hat and purple notebook from her desk.  We ran over to the storage unit and jumped onto the elevator before realizing that we had no idea what floor her desk was on.  We decided to try for the fifth floor and work our way down in the search.

The elevator moved slowly upwards, and we watched the gap between the machinery.  I felt a little queasy.  We turned and looked out the window at the city scape getting smaller and smaller as we made our way up.  It was beautiful.

We stepped off the elevator into a dim 'storage unit' full of people's personal things.  All were centered around desks and home offices.  There were dozens.  We began our slow search for the purple hat and notebook, enjoying the voyeurism of looking at all the interesting furniture, clothing, photos, books, random items belonging to unknown people. 

There were no doors to separate each space, so we walked freely.  The walls were floor to ceiling windows from which we could look out at the city.  Some opened onto tiny balconies. I was called out onto one by another searcher, and we stood there in the dawn light admiring the view.  I pulled out my camera to snap a photo, but a garbage truck pulled into the frame, ruining my shot.

I went from balcony to balcony, seeing the East River, then the Hudson, then the Chrysler building and other beautiful buildings I didn't know the names for.  I found my oldest friend's storage space with a bunch of items he'd been saving for his baby, like silver sequined shoes and rock-band onesies. 

We descended beautiful marble stairways to the next floors, eventually finding the purple notebook and hat on an unremarkable desk. 

It was a really cool dream, a moment I wanted to remember.

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