Friday, March 15, 2013


Five years ago this week we met our son in person for the first time.  I didn't realize it until I was in the shower at 10:30 am.  Why was I in the shower so late on a weekday?  Here's how today played out.

Our daughter started running a fever last night which spiked up to 103.6 at one point today.  We knew at bedtime she wouldn't be going to school, but when I woke up at my usual 7:15, I decided both kids would stay home.  She was still asleep, so when my son woke up at 8ish, he crawled into bed with me, and we spooned in our old familiar way for another half hour.  One of my favorite things about him is that he's, like me, also not a morning person, so we're cool with spooning for long stretches in quiet first thing in the morning.

My husband had a morning meeting, so I had to delay my work day until afternoon.  I made grits, eggs, bacon.  At breakfast we talked about the four elements: earth, wind, fire, and water.  My daughter quickly agreed that she would be fire, and my son said he would be jello.  This succinctly summarizes who both my children are more than anything I could imagine.

The kids watched Doc McStuffins in our basement.  My daughter was miserable and spaced out.  Her body was working hard to fight off whatever ick was attacking her.

In the shower, I realized the anniversary and decided we should celebrate somehow.  After having to tell him 'no' to Disneyland and Legoland, he decided he just wanted us to surprise him, so at 5pm, home from work, we made a plan.

Both kids were outside shoveling in the front yard by this point, my daughter's iron-clad immune system seeming to have done its good work, so we hopped on bikes and rode to our son's favorite restaurant for dinner.  He was thrilled and thought that was the end of his "anniversary" as he kept calling it.

We told him there was more as we biked back home.  We went to one of the last movie rental stores in the U.S. to get The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and a Michael Jackson concert.  I grabbed rolos, now-and-laters, and starbursts from the $1 bucket at the register.  We stopped to hug one of my five brothers-in-law at a brewpub and ended at my husband's studio space to watch the movie. 

He sat next to me the whole time holding my hand and then sitting on my lap.  He covered his eyes when Aslan was being killed and during some of the battles, later admitting that the movie was "not scary at all."  All four of us shared the candy.

On our way out, he skipped his way to the car and said, "This was the best anniversary ever."  I'm so glad he hasn't realized that last year the extent of our celebration was to take a picture with him, and I think the year before I may have just given him extra hugs. 

He's at the age now that he may remember this night.  I hope he does.  We're his, and he is ours, and I feel so lucky.  I hope he does too.  That was my goal for tonight.

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