Saturday, February 16, 2013


The sun came out Friday, and it warmed up enough for everyone to take off jackets.  For February around here, this is bliss.  I parked my car blocks away from my kids' school to walk to get them.  The dog was with me.  The afternoon was spent outside, the kids' friends taking turns running the dog around the soccer field.  I got to know a new family and helped connect them with some free after-school sports activities, which they came to that very day.  Their four-year-old daughter got my kindergartener in a choke hold, which he tolerated pretty patiently.  My own daughter ran so hard that sweat was dripping down her face.  She was wearing her dark gray tshirt for the second day in a row that says "This girl's a genius."

The dog, tied up outside with a bowl of water, did not bark in our absence, and I felt really proud of him for that.  The game finished.  We got the dog and walked to the car.  Both kids nearly fell asleep on the way home. 

That morning, with two cups of coffee in my system, a coworker and I managed to complete the petition to bring one of my asylee elder's wife and children here to join him.  It was a satisfying feeling to have him sign his name to the forms we'd all worked so hard on.  We drove away from the brick building to get tea.  He told us both that, if they get here, he wants us to be the first ones they meet when they step off the airplane.  I imagine this moment and get teary.  He is a good man and hasn't seen his daughters for five years.  I can't imagine. 

I was happy the sun was shining so bright as we drank our tea.

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