Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Space Out

I was standing by myself in the spitting rain on the playground of my kids' school this afternoon.  It was noisy out there since school had let out just a few minutes before.  Suddenly a funny thing happened.  I felt like I was there, but not completely there.  I shut my eyes for a couple of seconds, and the noise of kids playing, parents talking, car doors slamming, metal scraping concrete and balls against the brick wall was muffled in my head.  I was suddenly acutely aware of the largeness of this world, the millions of people in it, the suffering and the joy, the chorus of humanity and nature, the spirit of it all.  I was there but not there.  As I opened my eyes, the noise came back to sharper focus.

This is a busy, loud world, and sometimes it feels good to space out a bit (said the introvert).

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