Friday, February 8, 2013

Sister of Charity

Working yesterday was a mistake.  I think it added on a couple days to this illness I'm living with.  So I stayed home today, not even getting up to see the kids off to school, lucky enough to have a husband who kept them so quiet that I slept all the way through the morning routine.

My head buzzed all morning, making me dizzy.  I read my book all day, nearing the end now.

My daughter started asking me last night about the sponsorship letter she found laying on the table from the girl we support in a foreign country for food and education.  There was a random picture of a girl and boy at the top of a paper, and she asked why we don't support him too.  I explained that those photos were just randomly chosen, that the girl wasn't "our" girl either.  She still wasn't satisfied.  She nodded but then blankly said, "Well, why don't you send more kids to school?  Why do you only help one?"  I fumbled but tried to explain about how it can get expensive (lame, I know).  Her eyes lit up and she said, "Well, I have money.  I can help."

My son's voice from across the table, "Hey! Not my money! You can waste your own!"

They decided about a year ago to combine all their money into a joint piggy bank for unknown reasons that I didn't fight.  Our son was worried that she'd use his share for foolhardy purposes like education and nutrition.

My husband told me tonight as we had dinner out that our daughter has been pestering him about the many homeless folks in our city.  She gets irked when we don't give them money. We talked about how we need to get small bags of supplies like toothbrushes, gift cards, dried fruit, protein bars, etc in our car to hand out.  We want this altruism to stay strong in her.

Right before bed tonight, she ran to me with a gift.  She said, "Mom, here, eat this brain!"  It was a piece of popcorn that truly looked exactly like a human brain.  I didn't want it, but she pouted so much when I just licked it that I eventually ate it, her gift of a brain. 

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  1. A gentle and loving heart and a social conscience at an early age. Keeping snack bags in the car is a marvelous idea. We used to do it also when we lived in a slightly more urban area. Volunteer at your local food bank or soup kitchen? The kids of one of our local auto repair guys have set up a food shelf at the shop. If you bring in a can, you get a small discount on your repairs. I hope you feel better soon and sooner!