Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sales Pitch

My daughter has now taken orders for 128 boxes of girl scout cookies by walking around our neighborhood asking (plus a handful from my coworkers).  As we go house to house, I make sure that she is the one ringing the bell and doing most of the talking.  I try to stand on the sidewalk, only jumping in if she doesn't know the answer to a question. 

Today it's sunny where we are, so we spent a good hour out taking orders.  She would walk up to people who were out in their yards with her script I helped her with.  She'd say her name, what street we live on, and "Do you want some girl scout cookies?"  She could field questions about when the orders would be in, if customers have to pay now or later, even what her favorite kind is despite never having tasted one yet.

She has been in this country for sixteen months.  The brain's capacity to acquire a new language at this age is astounding.  One of the first questions we always got from people about her within the first year was, "How's her English?"  This is something I was never concerned about.  Our brains are so elastic in the grade school years that whole languages are absorbed within months.  The true challenge resides in retaining the fading glimmer of the language that she grew up with.

Language issues aside, my wonder at those 128 (and counting) boxes of cookies lies in this little girl's tenacity and self-assuredness.  She has moments of shyness when she hangs back upon meeting new people, but it lasts only a few seconds.  She looks at me with a question mark, and I lean my head in the direction she should go.  With her straight back, she goes.  Her chin is always up.  She takes that brown folder with the order form and pen tucked inside and makes her brief sales pitch. 

 I don't think anyone of her customers so far has suspected what a short time she has been here.  It sort of blows my mind.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a cool post. So proud of you girl for taking on Girl Scouts and cookie selling along with all of her other new challenges. Maybe she will think about camp this summer as well?
    Language development and acquisition is such an interesting process and watching your kid develop and change in front of your eyes is amazing. Your blog makes me smile.

  2. Your daughter is incredible and strong. I also believe she is quite funny, although I would like to meet her in person to say this with 100% certainty. A trip should be in the works....

    And finally. 128 boxes? Holy smokes.