Friday, February 22, 2013


This was yesterday.

Kids to school, read to kindergarteners, pick up my Liberian friend, knitting group, balls of yarn, late intern who I don't know what to do with, mock flirting between the Oromo with four wives and the Liberian widow that made the regal Eritrean laugh his head off, copy maker time of butterfly pictures for the kooky art teacher who praised me for said mundane task by saying I am "so special," Congolese elder repeating a hundred times in one morning my phrase "Oh my gosh" in my exact sing-song voice, fried fish from the Somali caterer, catch up on many work emails and phone calls, take my 'holds' from the library of the complete Michael Jackson five-CD set for my son, walk in door, put things down, melt a whole stick of butter for the shrimp scampi (a whole stick for my skinny family!), friend and her two-year-old arrive for dinner, two-year-old waits at window and opens the door for my kids, chasing ensues, the rejection of hugs from the baby but the taking anyway with laughter and tickles, dinnertime, last bits of homework, husband rushes out in the middle of dinner for a forgotten coaching session, clean-up of dinner, pack school lunches, jackets on and out the door to our church's "gospel community" at the pastor's house, new engagement and showing of ring and "Single Ladies" dance by the pastor's hilarious wife, introduction of "MmmBop" to my kids, shoes back on, drive home, brush teeth, pajamas on, pantyhose OFF Halelujah, blog reading, longing for the newly opened bottle of inexpensive chardonnay but chamomile tea instead, bed.

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