Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little MJ, the performance

When he saw me waiting for him in the classroom after their lunch-recess, he ran to hug me before joining his class.

My son's teacher let him be the first to share at show-and-tell.  She asked him how much room he needed for his dancing, and his classmates moved back at his direction.  He stood nervously in front of the chalk board as the teacher reminded the students, "Are we going to laugh when he dances?  What will happen if you laugh or make fun? What will we do when he's finished?  Yes, we will clap for him because he is being a brave risk-taker today."

She had cued up the right disc and asked if he was ready.  He nodded.  The low bass beat of "boh, boh, boh...boh BOH..." of "Bad" by Michael Jackson filled the kindergarten classroom.  His best friend turned and looked at me, a smile on her face that said, "Can you believe this?!"  The sensitive blond kid sat in the front row giving him thumbs-up, which continued off and on through the whole performance.

He admitted to me later that he was nervous and the next morning, he told me that he couldn't stop thinking about how that was his worst dance ever.  I reminded him that the important thing was that he didn't quit, that he did it even though he was nervous.   Everyone clapped.  His best friend seemed proud.

As I told the story of our son's first performance last night to my husband, he teared up, and he said, "What an amazing teacher."  She set the supportive tone.  We are so thankful.

For the record, he didn't rip his shirt off, not this time at least.


  1. Excellent! So glad he was able to dance and finish with confidence and his classmates were supportive. What a gift. Great teacher. Those of us who tried and got laughed at never forget it...even if the laughing wasn't meant to be malicious. His memory, even if he thinks it was his worst dance ever, will be that he did it! Oh happy day!

  2. Love this. He makes my heart swell.