Monday, February 4, 2013


Yesterday during the sermon at church, a man walked in with an electric guitar slung on his back.  He ambled crookedly down the middle aisle and took a seat towards the front on the right side.  He rocked back and forth a few times as he settled into his pew.  He 'amen'ed a few times in answer to the words on the importance of sabbath rest.

I had noticed him just fifteen minutes earlier as I drove five blocks to get a coffee for myself (my coffee maker at home had exploded grounds into my cup...and yes, it's pathetic that I drove the five blocks instead of walked it, but my husband insisted).  The man was walking down the street with his guitar and various other bags slung on his shoulders.  He was hard not to notice.  I could hear his voice through the rolled-up windows of my car.

A few minutes later as I drove back to church, I saw him again.  He had set up a spot for himself in front of passing traffic, and was playing the guitar, singing loudly. 

When he walked into the building and sat down, I wondered what would happen.

Turns out not much.  He listened for ten minutes or so, during which time one of the deacons came and sat right behind him.  I am pretty sure this was intentional.  The guitar player was difficult to predict.  He eventually stood up, gathered his stuff, pulled something out of his pocket and walked to the front. 

He laid a dollar bill on a table behind the still-preaching pastor.  The pastor said, "Thank you, brother" as the man shuffled back out into February.


  1. And let the people say "Amen". Unpredictable? yes. Complicated? yes. One of God's children? Absolutely. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. This type of thing happened often in the downtown church we attended when we lived in the city. The leadership always impressed me with their graciousness toward everyone who entered. Thanks for sharing this.