Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cosby Kids

Our kids are now on Season 1, episode 3 of The Cosby Show.  I have lately been loving this age they're both in, still awkward and sweet and babies but also learning to read and do math.  One of the best parts of this stage has been the introduction of pop culture milestones for me, like Michael Jackson and now The Cosby Show. 

I am a kid of the 80s, and I was so happy to hear them cracking up while watching, mostly at Rudy and Vanessa.  I noticed that afternoon that they started playing a made-up game called "Cosby Show," and the one part I overheard clearly was my daughter as Ms. Huxtable asking my son, "Why do we have these four kids anyway?"

His reply, "Because we didn't want five!"

They get it.  Last night as I finished my book on the couch, they were at my desk in the other room watching, and I couldn't help smiling at their genuine laughter.  Thank you, Bill Cosby.


  1. My favorite show ever. I was thrilled when my oldest became a Cosby and I Love Lucy fan!

  2. I showed Sam the Bill Cosby dance last week and told him about the show. I asked Kyle to do the dance to, but...hah!

  3. I hope your kids pick up on the fact that they *do* have five kids, that they changed their minds after the pilot.