Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Sick Day

I woke up last night at 3:00am thinking various things, not able to sleep.  One of my thoughts was about the likelihood of our son needing to take a day off of school due to a new cough.  I woke the kids up at their usual 7:30 time and decided to keep him home.  I had a few pressing things to take care of at work, so I took our daughter to school, gave a ride to my Liberian friend, sat down at my desk at work and started answering emails and phone calls for an hour.  I got lightheaded so came back home.

Our son was running a fever of 101, which went up to 103 by the end of the day.  Mother's intuition.  We watched Star Wars on the basement couch together, and I read deeper into A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  My own cough got worse.  We drank ginger ale and ate snacks.  He ate the lunch I had packed for him last night.  An Ethiopian elder, the one who holds my hand everywhere we go, called me during Star Wars.  I laughed through the "conversation" because I knew exactly what was happening on his end.  I laughed too because he called me in spite of our language barrier.  I kept telling him we were fine, a little sick, okay, then naming his friends, asking if they were there eating lunch with him.  I finally heard a long string of loud Amharic as he gave the phone to someone who could interpret, not that there was any need really since I knew why he was calling.  He'd heard there was sickness at our house and wanted to check in.  This is exactly what the interpreter told me.  She was laughing too.

Another day out of school for my son tomorrow.  He is sad about missing "choice time" and the return of his beloved teacher (gone for two weeks for eye surgery), but oh how he loves watching movies in the middle of the day and drinking ginger ale.  I kind of like it too.

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  1. Get well soon. (and hopefully enjoy the peace of watching movies with your son!).