Sunday, January 6, 2013

TV time

No, we don't watch much TV anymore since being in such a busy phase of life, so it felt really nice on Friday night, after a short doze on the couch while the kids whispered, to eat snacks for dinner and catch up on screen-time.  It couldn't have been a more relaxing night.

My husband watched a documentary about the food industry on his laptop; our son watched Disney's Peter Pan in the guest room, and I got caught up on Parenthood.  Our seven-year-old sat beside me the whole time watching with me.  It hit me that one of the nicest things about having a daughter is going to be doing stuff like this together. 

My big sister has two almost-grown daughters who "pile up in the bed" with her every weekend and watch movies.  It's something I think my own daughter is going to be on board with.  I was a little worried that the drama of the show would affect her in a bad way, so I made a point of letting her know there is a lot of yelling in this show but that everyone really loves each other, and they all make up eventually.  She learned quickly the two truths about the show: 1. There are always multiple scenes of people screaming at each other and 2. Her parents 99% of the time cry, sometimes multiple times.  Craig T. Nelson makes my husband tear up more than any (what a great actor).

That was that.  Friday night. 

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