Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sinus Fog

I caught my daughter's sickness, which, like always, erupts in my body as a sinus infection, no matter the original symptoms of the infector. 

So through a fog of sickness was Tuesday.

Nine hours of sleep, thanks to a very early bedtime last night, waking up before the alarm.  Hot oatmeal for the kids' breakfast, which was devoured like hungry bear cubs.  Early arrival at school (second time in two years), stop for coffee at the French bakery next to my Liberian friend's house.  I pick her up for her exercise class like every Tuesday, and we laugh about the crazy man on the train yesterday afternoon, the one who tried to get a game of duck-duck-goose going among the passengers.

Finally, the big work project that was out of my realm of expertise was over, and I could catch up on what I most love doing.  I got to refer one man to the housing his family needs, within his price range. Another I edited foreign court documents for so he can hopefully bring his wife here to this country.  I made color copies of his daughters' passport-sized photographs for him to take home.  They looked stiff and nervous, this perhaps being their first photograph.  They were beautiful, both had their father's kind eyes.  Another man at work belly-laughed when I showed him a photo I took yesterday of him wearing huge paper elephant ears at the zoo.  He just couldn't stop giggling, which made me so happy.

A solo trip to the grocery store where I discovered in the 'foreign' aisle my favorite Irish tea, not buying any even though it's 50 cents cheaper than the small Irish-owned specialty shop I normally buy it.

My son and I colored two pages from his coloring book about Peter Pan.  He admitted he's not "into" Peter Pan anymore, preferring now super heroes.  I made my Peter match my son's skin and hair color.  He smiled. 

Dishes, laundry, dinner out of the oven, table manners, bath-time, the chores of a hausfrau. 

Tuesdays always seem so busy.  The days most easily swept over in the rush.  I'm trying my best to keep looking.

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