Monday, January 28, 2013


Oh, it's so tempting not to record anything, so easy to let this daily habit slip.

In my usual time of day to write here, I feel sad, thanks to two of my favorite TV shows that regularly make me cry, this Monday even more so.

Downton Abbey with a death.  Parenthood with an adoption ceremony.

The shrimp scampi I made for dinner tonight was so kick-ass.  Too bad I could hardly eat any due to intense pain in my jaw after a dentist appointment.

When this is what I have to say, the temptation not to write is sorta reinforced.


  1. 2 of my favorites as well. Hope your jaw feels better soon!

  2. Your daily writing has inspired me to write twice a week (so much better than none, yes?!). Keep it up lady....

  3. Oh Lori these are two of my favorite shows also.
    Lots of tears shed by me as well. I love your writings.
    It brings a smile to my face even through the tears.
    Linda C

  4. I've not succumbed to Downton yet, but I know it is imminent...Parenthood, however, has absolutely gutted me this season.