Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yesterday afternoon, it was that time in the afternoon when writing practice starts.  The kids cleaned up from 'choice time' and met at the carpet in front of their teacher's chair.  As most of them waited for her and a couple of stragglers, one kid started humming a low "ohm."  A few more joined in.  It got loud enough that I stopped what I was doing to see what was going on.

A group of about fifteen of them (including my boy) were sitting there in meditation pose, cross-legged, eyes closed, palms upward with middle fingers and thumbs touching.  They were, in unison, spontaneously 'ohm'ing.

I swapped amused glances with the hilarious teacher-aid for the kids with special needs.  I whispered to her, "What are they doing?"

Her answer, " careful.  It's a trap."

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