Monday, January 7, 2013


Monday, the rearrival of the schedule.

Packaged oatmeal leftover from the New Year's trip with dollops of kefir thrown in to cool it off and add nutrition.  Toast with mango butter.

Monthly staff meeting with a half-drunk cup of coffee in the travel mug that now tastes like plastic.  Time reportage policies.  Harassment policies.  Program updates. 

Meeting with folks from the city about a restoration/garden project that might happen if a grant is awarded.  I have somehow become the overseer of this project, which is out of my element.  I put my head down on the table at one point, overwhelmed, wondering how I got there.  Exchange of business cards.  Work ahead.  People are so nice and want good things to happen.

Where is my degree in public policy and community health?  My degree in literature is of little help.

Early pick-up from school for a dentist appointment.  So proud as my son shares his Star Wars Phonetics 10-book pack during "show and tell."  He was amazingly so concise.  He took two questions: one from a boy, another from a girl.  First show-and-tell.  He sat straight.  He has it in him.

A fight over pushing the buttons in the elevator to the dentist.  Daughter goes bravely back all on her own.  Son works on homework as I read about Kate Middleton's pregnancy in a People magazine.  The appointment ends sooner than I though, which disappoints me.  I wanted the quiet time to read fluff.

Home.  Put quiche in oven (prepped yesterday) and out on solo shopping trip in a futile search for chuck taylors for husband.  Return items, buy hair dye and fabric softener.  Home again.  Eat the quiche while reviewing daughter's spelling words.  She got hung up on 'everything'.   Practice counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s with daughter who struggles some with math. 

Make greek pasta for tomorrow's dinner.  Lots and lots of dancing to Michael Jackson.  Pack lunches for kids.  Bath.  Tears because I decline the offer of getting in the bath with my son. 

Game of uno.  Sing "The Lord is Good to Me." 

"Mom, what if I can't sleep?"

"Close your eyes, think about your favorite songs, and you'll be asleep."

By 8:25, all was quiet upstairs, and the dog is licking the stolen cat food tin behind me. 

Glass of pinot grigio.  The rest of Downton Abby.

That was Monday.


  1. HO-LY smokes. Great write-up! Hope Tuesday is as awesome as Monday! ;-)

  2. You amaze me. You make me giggle. I am loving this blog. Thank you.