Thursday, January 24, 2013


An elder entered my car this morning talking about the dream she had last night.  She had climbed a light pole and was hanging on as it swayed over a river while her stepsons tried to get in through the gate of her house.

She went into why she thinks she had this dream.  It was a sad story about family dysfunction and jealousy.  She said that she hardly knew her younger daughter as she grew up because she worked seven days a week to pay the mortgage.

After she worked on her scarf in knitting group, made a mosaic of a waterfall in art class, and ate a catered Somali lunch, she left for a trip downtown to run a stressful errand.  I gave her directions, what bus to take, where to get off, but she knows this city better than I do and said she'd go her own way.

I hugged her goodbye and told her 'no more bad dreams'.

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