Sunday, January 13, 2013


I haven't been excited about a church in years.  The places we've been a part of here have been too big, too loud, too hipster, too white or a combination of all of those. 

I'm now excited about church.  Since October, we have been going to a small place with only about 200 people (tops) that is intentionally racially mixed.  In this very racially complicated city we live in, it blows my mind that this church exists. 

On our way to church this morning, our daughter started asking us about Martin Luther King.  She told us what she knew about him already, and we filled in some gaps.  She was thinking hard about it all.  I told them the story about how the manager at my job got flown to Atlanta once to be given a key to the city from Martin Luther King Jr.'s very own son for his work in peace-building in central Africa.  Their eyes got really big, and she said she wants to meet him too one day.  I love that our kids are thinking about this, setting goals for themselves based on real-life heroes.

This morning as service was wrapping up and the amazing singers and band were belting out words like "he loves us, oh, how he loves us..." I couldn't help getting teary.  My husband had done a basic head-count and found that the group congregated this morning was truly about 50% not-white, 50% white.  The pastor stood up to send everyone off into the world for the week and said that he would be speaking next Sunday about Martin Luther King, Jr.

It's only Sunday night, and I'm already excited for next week.  We're going to let our daughter stay in 'big church' to hear it. 

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