Tuesday, January 15, 2013

After Bedtime

About ten minutes into that episode of Downton Abbey I started last night, I hears someone creeping down our stairs.  Our sick seven-year-old appeared around the corner saying she couldn't sleep, so I gave a present I hope she always remembers.

Whenever I couldn't sleep as a kid, especially on a school-night, I would also creep out of my room and enter that normally off-limits world my parents existed in after my sister and I went to bed.  The TV was almost always on, usually the news or M*A*S*H*.   The house felt different.  My parents were different, more relaxed, laughing at jokes I didn't get and sipping drinks that would make me gag if I tasted one on accident.

I guess it's because she wasn't going to school today, but I decided to just let her stay up with me.  I told her to pull up a chair which she did with a mild look of shock on her face.  She'd already expressed interest in watching DA with me, and I think because she knew she was existing there on borrowed time, she just sat silently and watched.  I paused every couple minutes in the beginning to get her up to speed on who as connected to whom and what was going on.  She seemed to get it.  She really seemed interested.

A couple times I'd react to something, look over at her, and see her reacting the same way.  It hit me last night while we watched this show together that having a daughter is going to eventually provide me with a solid buddy to do stuff with.  My big sister has two daughters who she does almost everything with (they are much older than my kids).  They are extremely close. 

My own daughter and I snacked on fancy crackers after bedtime while watching a show about the British aristocracy, and it was fun.  Who knew?  I hope she remembers last night too.


  1. So fun to read this! E and I spent a bit of the afternoon during her brother's naptime (she's home from school sick)snuggled up in the chair together watching Downton Abbey. You were much nicer than me though, I kept telling her to stop asking questions! :)

  2. Oh my, this sounds so glorious. I dare to dream!

  3. Oh my, this sounds so glorious. I dare to dream!