Monday, December 17, 2012

The Season

Our kids were being picked up and thrown onto a fold-out couch in the upstairs attic "dream room" at a house belonging to a friend of my husband's agent who is comfortable with hosting large crowds of these loud artistic-types.  The room was lined with white couches with one table and lamp in the middle along with the fold-out couch.  They were thrown, and thrown, and thrown again by a talented young actor in town who appears most weeks on a popular, local, live radio show.

Though shy when we first walked in to the party, they warmed up quickly to the many loud personalities in the room.  They ate bean dip, salmon, crackers with cheese, pumpkin pie, too many cookies to count.  It was all classic holiday party food.  They played guessing games with other guests.  They sneaked crackers to the small opportunist spaniels roaming the party looking for treats.  Sufjan Stevens, Feliz Navidad, Nat King mingled with the constant loud of hum of adult voices. 

My children lived it up.  On the car ride home, my daughter asked me, "Mom, can you play Abe Lincoln or Barack Obama in a movie?"  I laughed a little at the idea of me dressed up as one of our presidents, but I know that in our daughter's mind after leaving a party full of actors, why shouldn't her mom be able to participate too?  As we got closer to our house, she sang at the top of her lungs a made-up song with lyrics like, "Christmas is the best time of ever with reindeers and cookies, and I love Merry Christmas."  She is seven.

 As I write this, she's standing on the back of the chair I'm sitting on combing my hair, a ritual we have because she knows I love it. 

It hit me tonight on our ride home that my kids are experiencing this year the kind of holiday season I remember having as a kid: loud parties, sugar, late bedtimes.  It makes me happy.  It really does.

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