Monday, December 24, 2012

Old Friend

This afternoon, an old friend we haven't seen in probably two years showed up on our front door step with presents for our kids.  I was shocked.  I'd sent his family a Christmas card, and we'd sent a couple catch-up texts back and forth trying to make plans to get our families together soon.  He'd asked what our kids were into these days, but I didn't answer him because I didn't want him buying them presents.

When our son turned three, he showed up at our house on the day of the party with a Woody the Cowboy doll, which was his own son's favorite character from the movie.  He gushed about how wonderful the last movie was, how it will make any parent cry.

Our friend is from Ethiopia, and all the Ethiopians I know seem to have a burning need to buy presents for people.  He wouldn't let me give him tea or coffee (probably knowing anything I offer would never be as good as what he's used to), saying that his teenage son was in the car and that he had other deliveries to make.  I got our kids out of their pre-church bath, wrapped them in towels, and brought them in to see him.  There were hugs and quick updates about jobs and travels.

There are few things that compare to the joy of unexpectedly seeing an old friend.  This surprise reconnection plus the deep, earthy sound of our pastor's mother-in-law belting out "Go Tell it on the Mountain" at tonight's service made it feel like Christmas Eve.

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