Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I didn't realize until I was settled into bed for the night yesterday that I'd missed posting.  My first miss.

Tonight, I'm finding it hard to write.  One issue is that it's literally hard to write: I got a small piece of wood jammed under my thumbnail on my right hand yesterday morning, and it hurt so bad that I got light-headed and nauseated.  That finger is now constantly throbbing and hot.  But go to the doctor, you ask?  For this?  Never.

The pain kept me up for a while last night, and today I worry the same might happen, that my brain will fixate on this foreign object lodged deeply under my thumbnail.  In that middle-of-the-night state-of-mind, I start to imagine getting out the antiseptic and doing my own small surgery in our bathroom.

Funny how one tiny little thing in the wrong place affects so much.

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