Friday, December 21, 2012


Tonight my daughter told me who her brother wants to marry.  She gave some obvious hints that helped me guess on the first try.  It was no surprise; she's a great girl.  He told me though that they will still live with me when they're married.  When I asked why, he mumbled, "You know."

I said, "so I can cook for you?"

" know why."

Turns out it's because he still wants us to cuddle his mom.  He was disgusted by the idea of cuddling his wife.  I love this age. 


  1. I love this age too! I love your new blog .I've been struggling with the same thoughts on shutting mine down....and I've "gone to ground" in silence a few times of late when things have been particularly challenging for us....and in our house, that's a cyclical pattern.....BUT, this post is to say, I LOVE this age with a young boy. They are still so sweet.....
    Can you put a RSS feed button on here? Or a way to follow automatically? BC is I can't get it on a feed (flipboard, google reader) in the wee hours when I"m up stewing or w/ insomnia....I"m not surfing the time, and memory challenged. Please? A follow button?????
    MIss reading your stuff. Think about you often. Love M