Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's 5:30pm, and I've only seen my family for about an hour today.  It's a school day for the kids, and when I got home from work, I had to go pass out upstairs.  This is Thursday.  Mundane.  Maybe.

A moment that stands out in this incredibly busy day was when one of the Ethiopian Oromo women in my program at the nonprofit I work for walked into the room.  She missed our Tuesday class because her eyes were bothering her, and I could tell immediately that they still were.  They were puffy and watering.  As I hugged her, I realized how genuinely I had missed her on Tuesday, so I held on longer.  We switched sides, and hugged more.  I just hung out there in that hug for a little while.  She is soft and comfortable, warm and perfect to hug.  She asked me, "Denanesh, Loriye?"  "How are you, my Lori?"

She asked about my kids and my kids' father.  I brought her coffee that she didn't drink, and before she left a couple hours later, I made sure that she was seeing a doctor about her eyes.

I dream sometimes about these elders in my program at work.  I dreamed last night about this woman's best friend, another Oromo Ethiopian woman.  We were together at the nonprofit's holiday party, and I was taking her room to room looking for savory food while only finding sweet.

It's hard to write on Thursdays.

I don't want this blog to turn into a dumping ground of interesting links, but considering how tired I am, here is a really interesting link to a story I heard on NPR today.  It sort of blew my mind.  It's about pigeon-hunting catfish.  Seriously.

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