Friday, December 28, 2012

Goodwill Aisles

This afternoon on our trip to Goodwill, my daughter and I found a jar filled with tiny baby heads with a baby doll head glued to the top.  It seemed like something from the set of Portlandia.  A young woman who kept singing along to "That's What Friends Are For" was following us around the store.  We met her at first in the shoe aisle.  She commented on how cute my daughter was.  I thanked her and noted how singable these songs were that were being played since I was humming along too.

She approached me a few minutes later to ask me about some candle holders.  She wanted to know how they worked and if they were safe.  I could tell right away something about this lady's brain didn't work in a straight line.  She looked my age or younger, short dark hair, cute scarf, cute lady.  I explained to her how they worked and said that she should be careful to blow candles out when she leaves.

"Oh, so you mean that I should blow them out if I run to the kitchen?"

"No, I think just if you leave the house.  You have to be careful with candles."

"Okay, yeah, that makes sense.  Your daughter is so cute."

She trailed us through the picture aisle, the toy aisle, the electronics, and finally the books.  She laughed at my daughter as she declared all broken toys defective and useless.  She giggled as my daughter tried to get a spinning top to work.  She was always about eight feet away.  She smiled and apologized anytime she came near me or anyone else.  She had a good singing voice.

As I stood in line to pay for my $3 ceramic cow creamer, she left the store.  She waved as she walked out.  She was holding a Starbucks cup.  I wondered where she was going.

What is it about these types of folks that make us so guarded and nervous?  The fragile people we meet in the aisles of Goodwill.  Where was this fragile lady off to on a chilly December night?  I hope she remembers me and my daughter with kindness.  I hope God keeps warmth and kindness around her tonight.

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