Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cleaning House

Today we cleared out old stuff in preparation for Christmas.  I left my son's bed for last and had him pull everything out.  We had a pile of stuffed animals, puzzle pieces, dirty socks and shorts, binoculars, a bent black-and-white photo of my wedding dress.  You know, normal stuff a five-year-old boy would have.

I changed his sheets and as he arranged his animals back on his bed, he told me, "I feel totally new when my bed is this clean."  It was reassuring to me that he appreciates cleanliness even if he isn't prone to making it happen independently.

My husband and I prepped for three batches of cookies today.  The kids danced to "Black or White" (classic MJ) and "Gangnam Style."

My son and his best friend made wet farts on their arm and then burped for a ten minute drive home.

My daughter told me this morning, "Mom I bet shoes can't be OB doctors."  (She is understanding absurdist humor at an early age).

 Yesterday on our way down the mountain from sledding, we stopped into a local coffee place for hot chocolate.  A TV showing one of those awful 24-hour news stations was on, and we watched a few seconds about John Kerry's nomination for secretary of state as we waited for our drinks.  Our kids still know nothing about what happened last Friday, so I was on edge, keeping one vigilant eye on the screen.  Sure enough, as they were settling in to a table, the news went to that story, and I made a mad rush to turn it off.  The lady from Texas sitting on the couch knitting told me that she's a "news junkie" who "cuts the TV on without thinking."  I'm glad she was cool with my panicked cutting it off.

This commercial came on before that silly South Korean dance-craze video, and it ended up making both my husband and I cry.  I am a cynic when it comes to celebrities offering their voice to a 'cause' but in this case, well, I get it.

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