Sunday, December 9, 2012


My daughter and I had been to a craft-day organized by some of the women in our church where she got to make a felt scarf and learn to crochet.  There were only four other girls there plus three adults, and I was reminded why I will always prefer a small church to a big one.  There is something that speaks to a deep part of me that I want to be known and to really know others. 

After napping until it got dark outside (which is early these days), I sat myself at the computer slowly waking up with some dark Irish tea.  My son had dressed himself that morning in all black.  I told him he looked like a ninja.  He walked up to me and quietly asked, "Mom? Can we listen to 'Smooth Criminal'?"  Though I wasn't in the mood, I thought for a second about his sweetness in asking and realized that Michael Jackson can fit any mood.

I turned the song on and came back into the room half-way through and found that my all-black-ninja son had found a white hat to put on his head in an attempt to get as close as he could to what Michael Jackson looked like in the video.  Turns out the only white hat we have in this house is one I got from a friend's yard sale that says "Bride" on the front in gold sparkling thread.  He was very seriously copying the moves in the video, wearing all black with a white "Bride" cap on his head.  It was a nice moment, and I felt thankful that his reading skills aren't high enough yet for deciphering sparkly cursive fonts.

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